4 Pillars, 1 Tennis system


By Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto, Marketing department of ASC Florida 

Elena Salazar is an ASC senior student-athlete from Costa Rica. During her experience at ASC she has been able to focus on developing her goals. One of the main goals is to be able to continue with her education while playing college tennis at a high-performance college tennis team.

Her hometown didn’t provide her with the necessary resources needed to be a complete athlete, she couldn’t compete in high-level tournaments without traveling much.

Elena describes in the video the importance of the ASC pillars. The ASC pillars are part of a training system, the  ASC 360 Tennis System®, created by Emilio Sanchez and Sergio Casal to focus on 4 important parts of the tennis player. Technical pillar as the first one, Tactical pillar, Physical pillar, and Mental pillar. Each one of these pillars is as important as the other one. All of the pillars play an important role in all tennis athletes.

As Elena describes on the video ” You do not only play with your forehand, you play with your footwork, a positive mindset, and good activation routines”.

At Sanchez-Casal we work with each one of the athletes to develop them in each one of the pillars to be able to make them become great in each one. We help them find the necessary skills that will make them become what they want to become. The ASC 360 Tennis System® is a complete system designed to practice and enhance any game pattern, it works for all types of players, regardless of age, fitness condition, and tennis experience. It improves the players’ technical skills and fitness, by implementing strategic practices. It is a successful system used by ATP and WTA Players.

At Sanchez-Casal we have the purpose of giving opportunities in tennis, education, and life. Our purpose has a mission of building character. As an academy, we want to help young athletes develop their best version, we want to fulfill their dreams and be with them as they continue developing their career.


Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto
Marketing department of ASC Florida

ASC 360 tennis system

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