73 Flights. 46 Countries. 1 Year. – By Cameron Mofid ASC alumni

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By Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto, Marketing department of ASC Florida 

A few weeks ago, we received a printed copy of a magazine called Florida Tennis that we usually work with our Tennis academy. While going through the pages, an article on page 12 caught my attention. It was called “73 flights. 46 countries. 1 year.” My first thought was surprising because, as a travel lover, I felt like that would be impossible to accomplish. As I started reading the article, the first sentence said “by Cameron Mofid” accompanied by a picture of him next to the world ranked #1 ATP Novak Djokovic. I realized that this article was based on the author’s personal experience as a traveler but not just any author, our Sanchez-Casal Academy Alumni Cameron Mofid. Cameron was enrolled during his senior yeas as a student-athlete at ASC.

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I read the entire article and let me tell you, it was amazing. The way he describes each of his adventures as he moves from country to country, adding metaphors of Animated cartoon characters to describe his endless experiences and feelings, was one of the best parts. “Then, I flew to exotic Antananarivo where I recreated DreamWorks’ Madagascar at the zoo and lemur park.” “I felt like I was in a scene of Robin Hood, immersed in Sherwood Forest’s”. Cameron’s passion for tennis followed him during his path and was able to assist in some prestigious ATP/ ITF tournaments. “Being exposed to so many different cultures at ASC, I was well aware that tennis draws people from all backgrounds.” During his trips, he met with some of his ASC classmates in their native countries. He went to visit his friend Cesar Cernuda (ASC Alumni currently student-athlete at Georgetown) in Miami and in Spain, he met with his best friend Santiago Diaz in Mexico (current senior student-athlete), his classmate Max ( ASC Alumni currently student-athlete at Boston University) in Germany among many others. He developed friendships that went farther than a tennis court.


Cameron’s travels first purpose was because of the organization he created when he was just a teenager. When he realized that he wanted to do more with his life, to go further than tennis. He left his rackets behind and created Legends United, a charitable platform that raised money for player-based initiatives through procured tennis memorabilia. After partnering with Nick Kyrgios and his brother’s NK foundation, his career started to rise up before starting with his college academic studies.


The article written by this young writer and traveler tells us so many great things about a guy in flip flops and shorts that has traveled around the globe fearless of new adventures such as; going underwater with sharks in the Indian Ocean, visited volcanoes, visited Machu Picchu, riding a camel in Morocco, climbing mountains such as the Kilimanjaro among many other adventures. By meeting many cultures, people, and personalities Cameron discovered different ways of living, different tennis opportunities, and different friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Lesotho’s citizens, classified as some of the poorest people on Earth, go through financial obstacles and suffer from the lack of opportunity in the tennis world, they’re barred from becoming the next Roger Federer. Regardless, this somber reality had no bearing on their happiness, as their smiles were powerful enough to illuminate all of Africa.”









I could keep writing about some of the most wonderful anecdotes of our lovely ASC alumni Cameron Mofid but, I prefer you all read it on his article and can connect with all of his adventures and share his wonderful message. “Not everyone can travel freely, but all people have the ability to open their hearts to the world. In doing that, the world, and its billion people, will open their hearts right back.”


For you, for the person you have become we want to congratulate you and we feel proud of your accomplishments, keep living your life to the fullest and we hope you become the best version of yourself wherever your heart takes you.

Link to Cameron’s article: https://www.floridatennismagazine.com/blog/73-flights-46-countries-1-year

Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto
Marketing department of ASC Florida

Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

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