A method to grow

Since 23 years ago, the Emilio Sanchez Academy has been developing a method that helps with the physical and mental development of athletes. A complete system implemented to meet short and long term objectives. A method that works with all types of players, regardless of age and level. A successful method that over the years has helped with succesful results on the ATP and WTA Tour.

Our training system, named 360 Tennis System, is based on four pillars that helps improve the player’s on-court performance; The technical pillar, the tactical pillar, the physical pillar and the mental pillar. 

  • Technical training. According to experts, technique is defined as the specific sequence of movements used to solve tasks related to movement in sports situations.

Thanks to a series of exercises programmed on a daily basis, which are applicable on any type of surface, we achieve the improvement of our player’s physical and tennis conditions.

According to one of our ES Coaches, the point of impact of the ball is the key to start improving technique. His favorite drill to work on the impact point is a chain based on half court repetitions with a bounce to get the best impact point off the ball, both in the forehand and backhand strokes. In addition, he considers that the most important point to get a good hit is the vision and its fixation of the impact, keep it until you finish accompanying the ball to the other side of the court.

  • Tactical training.  Adaptations that athletes make to unexpected conditions that occur during a match.

Every tennis player must be able to use his tools in his game and be able to apply them in the match or during his/her training situations.

An example would be the +20 chain. This exercise is accompanied by a lot of material on the court, cones with the purpose of a target at the back of the court to be able to work on the depth of the point. The objective is to achieve a rally of at least 20 balls in a row at the back of the court, working on depth and consistency in the points, so that the opponent does not have the opportunity to enter aggressively towards the net.

The ES Coaches are able to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses in the game thanks to the ES 360 training system.

  • Physical Pillar. Physical training aims to increase endurance, strength, power and flexibility by training muscles that are specifically used in a given sport.

Chains of exercises for off and on-court are used to work on technique and stroke tactics but are not enough to achieve a better performance, both in training and in matches.

Every tennis player has been in the situation of having a long match, a match with many movements, a slower match, an overload, or an injury. In these complicated moments, is when the player finds himself in a situation out of his comfort zone, when the physical aspect is one of the most important. Creating an individualized training plan for athletes setting goals would help to improve their physical capabilities.

Along with this factor, and no less important, is sports nutrition. A training accompanied by proper nutrition would help the player to achieve his goals, a higher intensity of work, and a better rest.

  • Mental Pillar. Defined as the systematic application and integration of certain skills, techniques, and psychological methods in order to optimize the performance of the sport.

The mind is the muscle that dominates everything. The head and thoughts can play a dirty trick on athletes if they are not worked properly. The program that we had been developing is called the ES Academy Athlete Mind System. It integrates mental training on and off the court. The daily work of the mental sessions allows the player to analyze his situation, understand it, and be able to improve it in the short, medium or long term.

Our system goes beyond the athlete, it helps create the best atmosphere for their growth. It is a unique system for tennis athletes that want to become better athletes, that want to accomplish greatness and that won’t stop trying. For that reason, we have developed this approach to help our juniors grow up becoming better with their tennis game, their tactical game, their body performance and their mindset. Because to be a complete athlete is not easy but, nothing stops you from trying. 

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