A successful day for ES international school


By Ivette Nieto and Tatiana Batalla, marketing department at Sánchez-Casal academy 

ES international school was getting ready for the visit of the Middle State’s Association of colleges and schools. For our ES international school in Florida, the visit of the Middle State’s Association is really important because is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluations and regional accreditations of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States and certain foreign institutions of American origin. Our ES international school of Barcelona, Spain had been accredited two weeks prior to our visit with perfect score. Now, it was our turn, and everybody was anxious for the final speech of the women in charge of the process.

She quoted: “ESIS was a full and reach experience. We had a warm reception at the ES international school. We have asked students, staff and families to tell us what they see special in your school; The students and families have described your school as a family, as a community of learners. Everyone we spoke to from the staff was interested in developing the students as scholars, as athletes and as example human beings. The families of the student-athletes love the fact that students can concentrate on tennis but still get the education needed in order to be successful.

The second question was; Why they chose ESIS? The most common answer was that parents, students and teachers are happy that tennis and academics is all in one place. The parents support the work of ES international school. They describe this place as a special place, a small school but a family environment. We as MSA accreditation group are impressed by the way the school and the academy come together to do what is best for the student. We are impressed by the degree of collaboration of the administration, students and teachers that make this ES international school of learners possible were student-athletes can work. We are impressed about the perfect working relationship between Barcelona and Naples. This school has strengths and weaknesses but one of the most important strength of your school is the level of concern that there is for the students. They are aware that the work that you are doing has the best interest for them. The teachers are always available to go the extra mile for them.

We applaud you for being living examples and being fully committed to perform the schools mission statement of creating opportunities in tennis, education and life. We have witnessed that all members of the community and students maintain mutual relationships of respect, effort, discipline and trust. The ES international school and Sánchez-Casal Academy are willing to work together to make those weaknesses strengths. With that being said, the ES international school meets all 12 of the accreditation standards.

We say goodbye knowing that the ES school is a learning environment that supports students and athletes. Lastly we want to tell you to keep protecting and respecting your mission and vision statement for your school and keep working towards achieving all your objectives as an organization for the student’s performance. We say congratulations to you all. From the Middle States association, we are pleased to announce that ES international school has been accredited for 7 more years.”










Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto 

Marketing department at Sanchez-Casal Academy 

Sanchez-Casal Anual Program


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