Artur Diyarov- The passion of becoming an ASC coach

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By Artur Diyarov, coach at Academia Sánchez-Casal  

My name is Artur Diyarov. I Enrolled in Sanchez-Casal Barcelona in 2008 as a student-athlete and I graduated in 2013. I am from a little town in Russia and I went from student-athlete in the Barcelona family to coach in the ASC family. I have worked in 3 different continents, in Sanchez-Casal Barcelona, in Sanchez-Casal Florida, and I am currently in Sanchez-Casal Nanjing situated in China. It is my 3rd year in China. Going to China was the best decision I took because of the different lifestyle. I oversee the traveling team of the Sanchez-Casal academy in China and I have traveled around 50 weeks during my first year there, so I was barely in the academy.   

When I first came to Sanchez-Casal Barcelona as a student, I didn’t speak English or Spanish, so it was a very challenging task to adapt because, with no common language, and coming from a small town in Russia moving to a big city like Barcelona with a lot of people from different cultures wasn’t easy. But I stepped up and became who I am today thanks to the academy.  

Tennis is one of the newest sports in the Chinese culture, the players developed it fast and are starting to see the tennis world. The Chinese tennis players are hardworking and dedicated so it was easy to develop the sport. became a tennis coach thanks to my passion; My passion comes from a key person in my life, Antonio Hernandez (coach in ASC Barcelona). He helped me and influenced me when I was a player. He changed my life for better and was a second dad to me, he was and still is my idol. Antonio believed in me when we can all agree on that I wasn’t the best example of a role model, but I still wanted to make him proud, so I changed my life for better. He has impacted my life and that is what I have learned and apply to my current role as a coach. I try to make an impact on people, helping them to build up as players, as persons and in their life’s. Is the Passion that drives me to do this job.  

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love challenges, so I decided to start this new path of my career by going to China. I found a great place to improve, one with a different mentality and a different culture. China gave me the balance to focus on myself as a person and as a coach. I want to be the best in what do because the attitude towards everything you do should have the ultimate goal of being the best in what you do.  I have the drive and the passion to achieve it and I am going to do it by giving 100% on and off the court, by impacting on people’s life because, for me,  to be a coach means to make kids come out of their comfort zone and to be a huge part on people’s life not only by throwing balls, but also making young student-athletes become better persons.  

To me this transition from student-athlete to coach made me understand and be an example of the three values we defend in this academy. Respect as the power you have to win the respect in someone’s life. Effort as the hard work, as to give your best and be the best at what you can. Passion meaning pure drive and in general Sanchez-Casal as all the three values together, as a family. So, for that reason and many more I will pursue my objective of being the best at what I do next to Sanchez-Casal academy, more than a place but a family to me.  


Artur Diyarov  

Coach at Sánchez-Casal Academy 

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One thought on “Artur Diyarov- The passion of becoming an ASC coach

  1. Michael L. Smith says:

    I am so incredibly proud of the exemplary person, role model and coach you have become Artur. As a coach and mentor, you hold the future of your student-athlete’s in your hands, and you have so much to offer these young women and men. My most heartfelt congratulations and you make all of us very proud! Michael L. Smith, M.Ed.

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