By Eva Pascual, Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy.

At Sánchez-Casal Academy, we do love to welcome our former students. Many of them visit us, especially during summer, and come to enjoy what was their second home for a while. The academy becomes a meeting point for former colleagues, who now live far from each other, but who take advantage of their holiday to meet again on the court. They also visit us to train, to keep fit or to improve aspects of their game with their former coaches.

Marc Feliu and Diego Herrera, from Class of 2018, visited us this summer and shared their time and experiences with us. They both study at American universities and previously participated in our College Planning and Placement program. Diego studies Business and Marketing at Illinois State University, with a tennis scholarship, and Marc studies a Music Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, with an academic scholarship.

We want to take this opportunity to share with you their thoughts and opinions on how Sánchez-Casal and ES International School shaped their current paths. Particularly for those young players who want to dedicate an important part of their lives to tennis but who, at the same time, often based on advice from their parents, do not want to give up their education.

Marc highlights, above all, the acquired ability to organize himself independently in his new and demanding university life thanks to the routines and habits he developed at the Academy. Making education and tennis compatible is not always easy, but he learned to do it at the Academy from a very young age, thanks to the support of coaches and teachers.

On his side, Diego is happy to have combined tennis with a good school and to have been able to decide whether to continue with university studies or take a professional path. Diego decided to follow the path of university education and is currently studying what he likes and, at the same time, competes at a very high level. He is also aware that no doors have been closed for him, since after university, if he wishes, he can return to the professional track.

At Sánchez-Casal and ES International School we feel proud when we hear these reflections from our former students. We identify ourselves with the values they express: discipline, tenacity, determination, among many others. Therefore, we wanted to share these videos with you, so that you too can listen to Diego and Marc reflect in their own words.

Thanks, Marc. Thanks, Diego. ASC/ESIS will always be your home!

Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

Eva Pascual
Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy

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