Bringing the high level competition back to Sanchez-Casal Academy


By Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto, Marketing department of ASC Florida 

Our post is dedicated to all the companies, starting with UTR & BMW of Naples, that made tennis competition possible, that brought back joy to tennis, and gave us the honor to be awarded as the UTR best Club of the year 2020.

We are also thankful and want to dedicate this post to the USTA for giving us the opportunity to be pioneers in hosting in our academy the first USTA & BMW of Naples ITF’s events of $25,000 Men’s & Women’s in the US starting the second week of February.

Tennis players are build up in an environment of competition. They are strong, powerful, fast, energetic, hard workers, and competitive. They thrive to be competitive, their ambition to win matches runs through their blood. Each one of the players has an ideal stage of maybe becoming the number one in the world, or becoming the greatest tennis player of all times among others. Each athlete has to complete a path towards their goal, the path will have many barriers, many obstacles, and difficulties, but great athletes are able to overcome those to reach their goals.

For that reason, our academy and the idea of building athletes, building their character, and making them become the best version of themselves has to have a lot of work behind it including a competition to achieve goals.

As Emilio Sanchez CEO of Sanchez-Casal says: “Our goal is to create a strong tennis community in Naples. Bringing Pro Tours with a high level of tennis and valuable players to our town is part of our commitment.”

As mentioned at the beginning, this year we have been pioneers in hosting a new series of tournaments made by the UTR PRO SERIES AMERICAS with prize money of $25,000. These tournaments are made for high UTR ranked athletes such as ATP Athletes, College athletes, and Junior athletes to be able to compete at a high level and show their best game. The tournaments are organized in a round-robin format match play where each draw of players compete against each other for later on, get placed in three winning places that will compete for the prize.

This 2021 has amazing news for our high-performance academy since we just got accepted to host the first USPTA & ITF $25,000 by BMW tournament events. The first one in February 15th-21st followed by the second event on February 22nd-28th and the third event for women’s category $25,000 that will start on May 3rd-9th. Each one of these USTA tournaments will have the opportunity to have a wildcard by competing in a UTR BMW Wildcard event $1,000 starting next weekend February 30th for USTA Event 1, followed by a second wildcard on February 8th for the USTA 2nd event, and the weekend of April 24th a UTR BMW Wildcard event $1,000 for the women’s event of the USTA.

In March the UTR PRO SERIES will be back with us with the Clay 4th event starting on March 7th-14th hosting a $25,000 men’s event.

With all these great tournaments our goal is that, within a safe environment to be able to build tennis players to have the opportunity to show their game, to compete, to fulfill their goals, and to become great athletes. Because for us, any opportunity is a great opportunity and we are willing to bring back the joy and the love for the sport.

Posters torneo 1

Posters torneo 2

Tatiana Batalla and Ivette Nieto
Marketing department
Academia Sanchez-Casal Naples, Florida

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