Can I Spend my Summer Break on the Court Please?

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By Eva Borras, Athlete Mind Director at Sánchez-Casal Academy

Hi Mom, Hi Dad,

I finish school in two weeks, and I can’t wait! No homework, no waking up early in the morning, no class or studying for exams… yeaaaahhh!  I can’t wait to wake up when I want, watch TV, go out with my friends all day, swim at the pool, eat ice cream, go to the cinema… and have fun in the holidays.

Mom, you know this year I made loads of effort, and got really good marks at school – even in Math, which you know I find really difficult! My teachers are really proud of me. I want to ask you if this summer, apart from spending time with you and my friends, I can do something special and go somewhere new. A place where I can make new friends from around the world, play tennis (which I love!) and practice my English – you’re always saying how important that is!

The other day I was looking online for different places to go, and I found a summer camp which looks reaaaally cool. I watched the video on their website – everyone looks really nice, like they’re having loads of fun, and they’re playing tennis! It looks like during the winter it’s also a school, because I saw a picture of some students at their graduation. Imagine how cool that would be! Spending the whole year playing tennis, having fun, making new friends… and studying of course. Right now I’m just asking you if I can go for one or two weeks in the summer. But if I really like it, maybe I’ll ask you if I can stay haha!



I watched the video a few times and I got to see what they do all day. Breakfast is at 6:45am (that’s gonna be tough at the beginning, because you know how much I like to sleep in. Though as you always say, if you want something, you have to work hard!). At 7:15 they go to the tennis courts to warm up, and from 7:30-10:30 all the kids and coaches play tennis non-stop! After that they do fitness until 11:30 and have lunch at 12:00 – I know that after all that exercise I’m gonna be super hungry. In the afternoon they rest a bit and then at 14:00 have another hour of tennis, and at 15:00, another hour of fitness. I’m gonna get strong really fast.

They also have a sports psychology coach to help us on the court – she spends all morning with the kids when they’re playing tennis, and on Wednesdays she also does special sessions with the group. You always say that mental toughness is important, so that could be really cool. In the afternoon, they teach languages, then in the evening, they eat dinner. The evenings look really fun – between 19:00 and 21:00 they organize loads of activities! Sounds amazing, right?


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I looked at the website a bit more, and do you know who the directors of the academy are? Emilio Sanchez-Vicario and Sergio Casal. The Academy is called Sanchez-Casal. They’re both tennis players – do you remember them? They were really good, in doubles and in singles. Emilio’s best ranking was 7th in the world in singles and 1st in doubles. Number one in the world Dad! After that, as captain he won the Davis Cup. So cool!! And Sergio Casal – he got to 3rd in the world for doubles and 31st in singles!


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Loads of really good players have been at the academy. Andy Murray trained there for three years when he was younger, so did Kuznetsova, who was 2nd in the world, Dimitrov, Monaco and loads more. The girl who won Roland Garros in Juniors last year, Masarova, is also from there. They must be doing the right things, right?


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The coolest thing is that I could go to the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, Naples in Florida or in China! You’re always saying, “Jonny, Chinese is the future, you have to learn the language. You’ll have loads more opportunities if you learn how to speak it.” And look – here’s the perfect opportunity! Although to be honest, I don’t mind which one I go to – they all look amazing!

Here’s the website: and phone +1 (239) 2631818

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Let’s talk about it at dinner!

Love youuuu!


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Eva Borras

Athlete Mind Director at Sánchez-Casal Academy


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