Fitness, one pillar of the ASC 360 Performance System

By Ivette Nieto & Tatiana Batalla, Marketing Deparment


Fitness, one pillar of the ASC 360 Performance System

Fitness in tennis represents a very strong and important pillar on the players preparation; a well designed physical plan can be the key factor for a successful match result. At ASC daily physical training is composed of 1 hour of athlete-specific performance training; working on different aspects including: speed, power, agility, quickness, coordination, balance, and core.

An organized and goal oriented fitness preparation also works on creating important habits that are necessary in high performance activities; as well as understanding the athlete body system by teaching players on how to take care of their bodies through recovery time and stretching routines in order to prevent injuries.

Important elements like an optimal hydration and nutrition make also part of the Fitness pillar.

Hydration is a key factor on players preparation which helps them to increase energy, improves movements, recovery and agility, hence improving physical performance. Proper hydration also help to prevent cramps, heat exhaustion, and reduce the risk of injuries, therefore, creating the habit of well hydration in athletes leads to improves muscle function, regulates blood pressure, and improve circulation. on the other hand a poor hydration can leads to muscle hence increasing the risk of injuries.

Nutrition is simply important because it represents a source of energy to perform. A proper nutrition impacts on the strength, performance and recoveryCreating habits of optimal nutrition are necessary to meet performance goals. 



Derek Touchette, Head of Fitness Department, explained to us that the planning and the intensity of the fitness training are prepared along with the evolution and performance of each tennis player. He also explains, based on the ASC Pyramid, how he applies the fitness planning with the performance and evolution stage of each tennis player. In this short clip, Derek also shares with us what are his challenges and goals to achieve with every athlete and what motivates him to keep giving his 100% everyday at Sanchez-Casal Academy.


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Ivette Nieto & Tatiana Batalla 

Marketing Department

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