From cupid, with love

letters of love from our es academy

What would be the first thing you would ask someone you were about to leave your child with? 

The most important concept you would ask them would be for love. Feeling loved, protected, and secure is one of the basic needs of every human being. The love and care that a child needs for his development are key factors in his/her learning process. Love contributes to helping the student’s mental well-being, makes them physically healthier, increases the student’s brain development and memory, creates a stronger bond between the tutor and child and it makes your the student less fearful and more world round.  Secondly, the family. The family plays a fundamental role in the development of children, it is the first place where we learn to develop as individuals, thanks to the interaction between family members we form our character and values.

For these two factors, the ES Academy helps your children feel at home, building a family place environment where they have instilled our values of love, respect, commitment, peace, honesty, tolerance, family among others. Our student-athletes are our priority; we like to be aware of them and get to create the necessary confidence for them to consider us as their family. In addition, we like to create a special bond between our students with each other, we love when they help each other out and develop bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.

There is no better feeling than the trust of families to choose us as responsible for their children’s development during this important stage of their lives, we are grateful to be part of it, and to be able to offer them year after year, this love they need when you, the parents, are far away from them.

This year the ES Academy wants to send their love to all those families around the world. We want to remind you that we are there for you and your children and, that we will continue building our family next to yours.

From our ES Academy,  we love your family, you are to us a group of friends so fine, we want to say how much we care, so we send this Valentine. 
Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! 


Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

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