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From one director to another 

Naples was a unique experience to us: The practices, the USTA tournaments, the cultural exchanges, were unique and unrepeatable. The tennis academy in Naples has experienced a full week of useful knowledge to be able to adapt in our training method. Starting from Naples and the greatness about this wonderful trip more than admiring the structure and the common organization, since the beginning, the three values of the identity of ASC marked us. The respect, effort and discipline are 3 key points integrated for the members of the academy and visually appear as a motivation, in each spot of the academy. They appear as a motivation printed in the steps of the stairs that lead to the entrance of the facility. Three values that are so true for us and for everyone. In life, like in tennis, the three values that make you be part of this family, of their second home.     

We are thankful for giving our group the importance, for welcoming us as a part of the ASC family. 

The Sánchez-Casal system has a unique system of teaching called ASC 360 Tennis System®. A system that allows the players to focus at the highest level on the tennis preparation and that ads all the effort and discipline needed in the practice. 

The Sánchez-Casal system is, in fact, the ideal project that the Sanchez-Casal tennis academy of Naples has always defended, since it was born in 2001 and that allows our academy to be in complete harmony with the programs, projects and structures of ASC. 

We have lived a week of knowledge and hard work in the big “Industry of values and tennis” one of the most beautiful academies and with more improvement of the world. Out of all the treatment from the point of view of public relations the respect to the hosts, the capacity to interact with everyone and an excellent week of tennis, with excellent teachers that work untiringly since the sunrise until the sunset was the best of all the experience. 

We are coming back to Nàpoles (Italy) with a lot more experience, with more motivation and enthusiasm, with the wish of making our academy better and extend our knowledge to everyone, students, technics, enthusiasts and experts. We are convinced that we have ASC as a point of reference.                       

We are happy to know that our school in Italy is growing every time from the root with the result of the hard work that we do in the tennis system of 360.  

We are grateful that for these 7 days of study and passion. We are thankful to Emilio Sánchez for being a big reference and great teacher and for being kind and friendly to us.  

Lastly, we are happy that we have achieved third place in the absolute national ranking of schools of tennis in Florida. The tennis academy in Nápoles won the tricolor period with more than thousand of schools participating. An amazing outcome.   

From Nápoles to Naples, that the love for tennis never ends. 

Aldo Russo 

CEO Nápoles Tennis Academy 


Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

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