Game, Set, Fight=Cure

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By Adam Meehle, Social Studies Teacher at ESIS and Student Council Advisor, River Hart, ESIS Student Council President, and Lucas Bueno, ESIS Student Council Vice-President

To a teacher, the children in his or her classroom are not just students; they are a part of their family.  Whenever you hear a teacher telling stories about their day, the students are always referred to as “my kids.”  That is what teaching will do to a person; it grows your heart bigger and bigger with every passing day.  I have had Casper Fernandez in my classes here at ES International School for two years, and just as with any teenager, he has frustrated and exhausted me, but most important, he has made me proud to be his teacher.  The word “cancer” has the ability to cut through the heart of any person.  But when the diagnosis is for a teenager with so much ambition and potential, it cuts even deeper.


Foto de grupo con Casper


As coordinator of the Student Council along with every student at ESIS and Academia Sanchez-Casal, we wanted to help Casper and his family through this battle in any way possible.  The news of Casper’s diagnosis in November last year tore through the academy and was met with sorrow and anger.  He immediately began chemotherapy beginning his road to recovery.  In February, he underwent an eleven hour surgery to remove the mass from his knee in hopes of being rid of the disease.  Casper and his family are still currently in Spain where he is continuing treatment to prevent this cancer from ever coming back. Please join us on Wednesday, April 5th from 3-7 pm for tennis, a silent auction, and barbecue dinner to help raise funds for the Fernandez family.


Casper Fernandez 66


The Student Council has met several times a month organizing this event with Mr. David Cook, Lucas Regas, Emilio Sanchez and the rest of the Sanchez-Casal family here in Naples.  Student Council President River Hart and Vice President Lucas Bueno with the help of students Nik Tvedt and Jake Beasley have worked to set up the Go Fund Me account in Casper’s name, traveled to local businesses for donations to the silent auction, and donated their own time and tennis talents to bring awareness to the Game Set Cure event.  The event will feature (4) 20 minute rounds of doubles with the students and coaches from ASC along with a silent auction with items from local businesses and artists following a barbecue dinner.


Casper Fernandez 98


What do ASC Florida student-athletes say:

“Game Set Cure is an event that is very dear to all our hearts as it represents our close friend Casper who has been diagnosed with bone cancer. The goal of this event is to bring people together and raise awareness for a cancer that affects people all over the world. “

–River Hart, ESIS Student Council President

“Organizing the Game Set Cure event was the least I could do to help Casper’s battle and treatment.  Helping a good friend during a difficult time is a privilege.”

–Lucas Bueno, ESIS Student Council Vice President

Come join us for a very good cause this Wednesday April 05 starting at 3pm.

Below is the schedule of events taking place Wednesday night:

3-6 pm Silent Auction items will be displayed and bidding will take place, including a racket signed by Fernando Verdasco, and many surprises.
4-5:30 pm Round Robin Doubles with ASC students, coaches, and donators
5:30-6:30 Barbecue dinner
6:30 Announcement of Silent Auction winners

You can also make a donation to contribute to Casper’s cause at

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Casper with classmates young


By Adam Meehle

ESIS Social Studies Teacher and Student Council Advisor

Thanks to River Hart, ESIS Student Council President and Lucas Bueno, ESIS Student Council Vice-President for their contribution to the article and the event organization



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3 thoughts on “Game, Set, Fight=Cure

  1. Christopher Dunn says:

    Hello. I came to this story very late, by hearing about it on ATP Tour Uncovered which is shown weekly here in the UK. It was therefore with a very heavy heart that I subsequently read Casper passed away from that terrible disease. Please could you let me have a link where I can make a donation towards the Casper Tour? Thank you.

    • Eva Pascual says:

      Thank you very much, Christopher, for your words and for wanting to contribute to the Casper Tour. We will contact you by email to explain how you can do it. Really thank you.

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