Hey mom, they have a foosball table at the tennis camp!

By Zachary Duboulay, ASC Alumni from ASC Florida

It’s summertime! It is the time of the year when I look forward to meeting my friends, so I can spend time together and enjoy the summer weather. During this time my parents are always working, which means they don’t have much time to spend with me or my siblings. To fix the problem, my parents often look for programs that are fun and engaging to keep us busy and active. It was then that they came across the Sanchez-Casal academy in Florida. When we contacted them, the ASC Florida Summer Camp offered us a variety of programs to meet my parents’ needs as well as mine. When I first walked into ASC, I immediately realized that this is the place I wanted to be for the summer. The cozy atmosphere is spread all throughout the place with things like a game room with television, a ping pong table, a football table, a bean bag toss game, and much more. They also have a swimming pool, two gyms, and an immense amount of tennis courts! I was surprised, the first thing I saw were the summer campers who had already arrived with the academy staff preparing an activity so that we all could meet each other and participate as a team in a fun game. Before the activity, one of the coaches gave me a tour of the academy and assured me that I would have a great time balancing fun games with tennis training and physical exercise. And believe me, I was not disappointed.

At first, my parents and I were not very sure about which program would be right for me. However, we soon realized that ASC Florida has a program for every age and level, and therefore, all children can live the experience and improve their game. I realized that the ASC summer camp has children of all ages and nationalities, which created a very diverse environment for me. The youngest group that the academy offers starts at the age of 5, it is called the “campito”. This group of summer campers is placed in the initiation level and they are looking for opportunities to have fun with their group of friends while playing tennis. The next group is the “pre-academy” group, which consists of those players who are a bit older and those who range between campito and advanced group based on the level. Then there is the junior summer camp, which is where I enrolled, with accommodations to be able to enjoy the full experience of the summer camp and dorm in the academy. I realized that there really is a program that adapts to the needs of the campers while respecting their tennis level.

Another highlight of the summer program that I really liked is that the coaches at the academy are not only excellent coaches, but they are also unique role models. ASC coaches are very experienced on court, but outside of it as well, by demonstrating and teaching us the values of life. During the ASC summer camps, the coaches are in charge of making our stay here pleasant, carry out the tennis training sessions and control the exercises together with the team of fitness trainers in the afternoons. They also organize activities on campus and off-campus for us to have fun and enjoy team games. Something that I also wanted to point out is that recently, ASC has implemented “hydro tennis” in the summer program, which consists of physical exercises in the pool to take advantage of the resistance underwater. I really enjoyed this because it helped me improve my muscle mobility, and refresh my mind and body in the water after working hard in the Florida heat. Additionally, ASC provides a mental activity, which helps reflect on the progress and understand the strengths and weaknesses, and teaches different athletic strategies. The combination of hydro tennis and mental on one afternoon is very helpful and effective for my mind-body development.

The camp has undoubtedly been a complete experience for me, the friendships I have made in a week, the work I have developed in my game thanks to the training, and all the experience have made me want to stay here longer. I think this place is special and familiar so please if you can convince my parents to let me stay one more week I would be the happiest person.


Zachary Duboulay

ASC Alumni from ASC Florida


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