How Tennis and School helped me open opportunities on my next step in life

The Class of 2019

By Dr. Pam Brisson

As the Class of 2019 prepares to graduate from ASC/ ESIS, a wide variety of opportunities awaits them in life, most immediately at colleges and universities throughout the United States.
The 13 seniors, comprising the largest Academy class from Naples to graduate thus far, have accepted offers from some of the finest academic and athletic programs in the nation, among them Tufts University, Michigan State University and Brigham Young University.

In total, they received more than $1.3 million dollars in scholarships for their talents on the tennis courts and in the classroom. To gain acceptance to these institutions, students trained for 4.5 hours a day at the highest level in tennis and fitness, competed in dozens of tournaments and balanced a challenging course load, including advanced placement classes. While traveling domestically and abroad, students routinely kept in contact with their teachers and found time to maintain their studies, often reading and writing assignments while other passengers slept on international flights.

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Students hailed from countries literally across the world: China, Chile, Australia, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Spain and St Lucia, as well as the United States. Six different languages were spoken among this group.

For many, the Academy became their second home, where they forged deep friendships and lasting memories. While their sights are set most immediately on graduation from the Academy and embracing the next challenge of college, some can envision their futures a decade from now.

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Vicente Oyarzun hopes to work as an engineer, supporting a loving family. Casey Cummings, who is leaving with 6 Advanced Placement courses mastered, plans to work in the United Nations, the US White House or as a US Supreme Court Justice. If her experience at the Academy is any indication, her confirmation hearings will involve smooth sailing.

We hope that the futures are fulfilling for all the graduates as they make their marks on and off the courts. Good luck to all.

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Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

Dr. Pam Brisson 

ESIS Faculty. History, Government, AP Macroeconomics, and Geography

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