Jerry Shang- The heart of a champion


Jerry Shang is a 14-year-old player from China. He is part of the ASC Florida annual Tennis and School program for the last 2/2 years. Jerry came straight from ASC headquarters in Nanjing, where he started developing his skills as a player. Since Jerry and his father Yi landed in Naples, Florida in 2016 to play some tournaments, it has been nothing but a pleasure to work and be around them. He explains that at the time he thought that he wasn’t playing well, but that practiced at the Academy and liked the system and the possibility of combining both high-performance tennis and school. That’s when he decided to follow his dreams of being able to achieve a professional level of tennis and study at the same time.

Jerry faced many challenges his first year: to be away from home, to train and study in a language that wasn’t’ his mother tongue; the tight scheduled due to combining daily tennis practice, fitness, mental practice and school. However he adjusted very well and soon found his spot among both his schoolmates and coaches. Today is fluent in English as well as understands Spanish.

Jerry Shang has been next to ASC FL coach Victor Hugo Camargo, from Mexico, during his career as a student-athlete. Jerry’s path has been a success; he won the Boys ’12 Eddie Herr Tournament, the Boys ’14 National Championship, the Boys ’14 Easter Bowl, the $15k Prize Money Sánchez-Casal Series Tournament and the ITF’S great force (Beijing and Aruba) among others.

Victor Hugo explains: “Jerry has become a complete player; in the beginning he was comfortable playing from the baseline but he has learned how to use his strength better and has been working on different types of courts to be able to adapt his game. He is still in the process of using as many tools as possible in order to become as complete as a player as possible.”

He is an example and an inspiration for his fellow student-athletes and he impersonates the values of ASC: Respect, Effort and Discipline on and off the court. As Victor Hugo explains: “More than his game, what makes Jerry exceptional is being a good person, a role model for everybody.”

Jerry is a special person, in words of Emilio Sánchez: “Jerry is a leader, his way of being on the court inspire others, he is a mirror for the academy, he makes a difference towards others and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.”

After achieving the finals of the ITF Monterrey G3 this year Jerry stated that he would like to become a professional player. Now he has to work on achieving this next step. We are proud of what he has become and delighted to work with him on his path towards achieving his goals.

Watch this in depth video analyzing Jerry’s evolution, training, game and upcoming challenges. What does it take to become a top tennis player? How do you work the 4 pillars and what are the most important? What has been his path since he joined ASC Florida? What is his potential? Find answers to these questions and much more here:

Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

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