Tournaments are an amazing opportunity for tennis players to develop their ability to compete against other players. They serve to develop players in their mental and physical aspects, athletes gain experience through play. It is clear that tennis has many benefits, in addition to promoting good habits and achieving better health for people, tennis allows for the development of values that are internalized and grow in each human being and each athlete.

The tournaments are sporting activities to recognize talent and sporting promises in order to develop their attitudes and skills to be able to continue their sporting or professional career. Winning and losing tournaments is part of the path of a tennis player, it is very important that players learn to cope with each situation and are able to not sink, move forward, and improve those aspects that didn’t work out in the match. Accepting a defeat requires a series of virtues as a player that allows them to really know their own game, and understand what the sport is. It is essential that players, in addition to recognizing their failures, learn to highlight their virtues and their great tennis actions, so they can enjoy and improve their game. Encouragement is part of the journey and development, both personal and sporting.

All these factors add up to give great importance to Fair Play, fair play. This refers to the honesty and correct behavior that athletes must develop towards their opponent, referee, and their audience. It is characterized by obedience and courtesy towards the rules of the game and avoiding problematic behavior towards the sport.

For these reasons, the Academy decides to organize competitive tournaments for athletes to build their competitive character and achieve new skills. Values such as respect; Based on tolerance and consideration. Effort; a friend of discipline, and perseverance, are reflected in the ES Academy and its tournaments, and what better way to take advantage of the opportunity than to participate in them. Our academy organizes federated and professional tournaments, international and local, throughout the year with the aim of promoting tennis for all levels and all ages.

_XGA8269 ES Academy Barcelona:

  • June 2022. Grand Slam Express Circuit.
  • June 2022. ITF Senior Grade 2.
  • June 2022. Summer Tournaments.
  • June 2022. ITF Wheelchair Cat.2.
  • July 2022. ITF Senior Grade 4.
  • August 2022. Tennis Europe S-12.
  • August 2022. Tennis Europe S-14.
  • September 2022. ITF Junior S-18.
  • October 2022. Challenger.
  • October 2022. Marca Jóvenes Promesas S-16.
  • November 2022. Circuito Express.
  • December 2022. Circuito Express.

In a tournament, you can develop comprehensive training in which all your skills are contemplated, motor, cognitive, social, and emotional. In order to become number one in the world, you have to overcome barriers and difficulties, and that is why tennis players create their own paths to achieve their best goals. And remember, the great victory is the one that comes with elegance, attitude, respect, fair play, desire, and discipline.

These past years we hosted several different tournaments in our ES Florida academy from USTA’s to UTR’s to ITF’s. In the United States, there is a rating called UTR which is important for the college pathway of the athletes,  there are many tournaments that are an opportunity for our junior athletes to build up their ranking and get their game to the next level. USTA is important to have the players compete, show their strengths on the court, and create a character for themselves. The USTA tournaments vary from level and, in our academy, we host different levels to bring opportunities to all the different players. ITF’s are our pro tournament circuit, our pro tournament circuit is made for the advanced players who are competing at a pro level to have the opportunity to reach the top of the world rankings. The ITF’s vary from $15k prize money tournaments to $100k prize money tournaments.

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Finally, we are pleased to announce the second edition of the Catalonia Open, which will take place on June 28, organized by the Emilio Sanchez Vicario Foundation, the Fundació del Tennis Català, Federació Catalana de tenis, and the support of the Madrid City Council. This tournament symbolizes the union of sport, solidarity and the importance of competition in adapted tennis.

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Tatiana Batalla y Silvia Guitart

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