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Graduation is quite the show at Emilio Sanchez American School. Joy. Tears. Dancing. And of course, the wonderful food! Soon our Senior Class of 2022 will be walking onto the stage receiving their diplomas and off of the stage into their bright futures. Furthermore, it is a celebration of their great efforts and growth throughout their journey as students, athletes, and humans. When the audience is seated and the air is full of anticipation of a magical evening, our academic principals Dr. Pamela Brisson, Naples, and Mel Rose, Barcelona, and the director of the academy Emilio Sanchez start the proceedings with their kind words. Then it is time for the stars of the evening. Starting with the Salutatorian (second highest high school GPA among the seniors) followed by the remainder of the seniors and finally, the Valedictorian (highest high school GPA of the graduating class), each one of the seniors recites their heartfelt speeches. Their gratitude and love for their “home away from home” is evident in every word. At least a tear is almost certainly shed… To reap the fruits of their labors, each senior is awarded their diploma and a ceremonial moving of the tassels on their caps takes place to formally mark the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Of our graduates in Naples, Emilio Jr. and Anna have spent their time at ESA and ESAS since they were in the 7th Grade. That amounts to a total of six years spent crafting the best version of themselves by pouring their heart and soul out into everything they do. The same goes for every single graduate. Emilio Jr. has seen the establishment and growth of the academy in Naples, FL. He is on track to pursue a colorful career in tennis and academics. Anna came a long way from Kazakhstan to hone her desire to be great and she certainly did. Ernesto, Sonya, Valeria, and Vishnu have all spent their high school years developing through ESA and ESAS. Ernesto has spent five years in the academy and has been able to find his passions to further his progress in his future career. Sonya has shown her potential as an athlete, student, and individual. Her efforts have surmounted to a bright future ahead of her. Valeria has demonstrated her drive here at ESA through her perseverance and growth. Vishnu came with a goal and will be leaving with an experience he will hold dearly for his life. His commendable progress and distinguishing accolades are admirable. Kunsh, Mario, Sampras, and Wesley were able to spend their final high school years at ESA and ESAS. Kunsh has constantly been dedicated to his efforts throughout his time here. His future is filled with bright possibilities. Mario is a hardworking student-athlete who has shown his identity in his short time here. Sampras is a member of the ESA family who has been an inspiration to many due to his incredible work ethic. Wesley is a bright student and talented athlete who has grown as a person in his time at ESA. He will surely continue to take strides in his career. Every student that graduates from ESA and ESAS demonstrate their embodiment of our academy’s values as well as their preparedness for whatever they choose to pursue moving forward.


On the other hand, our Senior Class of 2022 from Barcelona, is formed by a great group of students, also developed for a long period of time in Barcelona and eager to face new challenges in their lives, both personally and professionally. This class, composed of Atomu Maruyama, Vittorio Nazzi, Alessandra Ceccarelli, Borjan Jovanov, Olga Mishenina, Ivan Yañez, Isabel Nubile, Oscar Bain, Cloe Clements, Tristan Mercier, Lorenzo Patel, Kael Shah, Ayana Klein, Andreas Chapides, Olga Olle and Rafael Candelas, have shined during their time at the academy. Despite all the hard work during this time, they have worked hard to achieve a positive mindset and to be in control of their new situation, the future of their lives. The success of these students can be reflected in the knowledge they have acquired, the passion they have put into their work on the court and in class, and above all, in their togetherness as a team of students, creating a community and a family.DSC00634

They have accumulated experiences, moments, memories, in each place of the ES Academy, countless hours on the courts and in the classroom to perfect their skills, that the truth, all of them will always be with them. Each of our students have left their mark and their own mark on this great family, and this will always be with us. In addition, we can not forget the friends who are taken forever, those who have met in a short time as those who met the first day, as the saying goes: “it is difficult to find a good friend, even more difficult to find it, but impossible to forget”.

It is the honor of the academy and school to come together and rejoice in this auspicious event. It is always a given that every member of ESA feels like a part of a big, crazy, family. That could not be more true on Graduation Day. Every student, teacher, coach, staff member, parent, and guest feels present and united under the roof of the ceremonial hall. Every word of every speech, every photo, and every video, each filled with the joy of a year speaks straight to everyone’s hearts. It is the sacrifice paid by everyone through their efforts that allows them to see the reward of their work.

The time has come to say goodbye, to say goodbye to what has been the school during their childhood and adolescence, to school life. It is time to start a new stage, to look ahead and create your own path, a path that we are sure will make you shine in the future. Many of you will take different paths, each of you will contribute something to society, some from the more scientific and technological field, others from the social and communication, others through physical activity, and others through the economy, but all of you will contribute a grain of sand to the world and its changes. You still have a lot of canvas to paint on in this world, this canvas will be the one that reflects all your work done and the one that remains to be done, all those tips that have helped you to grow as people and professionals and a place that you consider home. Congratulations to all of you who are graduating this year, you deserve a great farewell and a welcome to your new stage!


ES Florida Marketing Department

Tatiana Batalla y Silvia Guitart


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