New year, same you


What is your 2022 resolution?

Check out this video and remember how you were like when you were young. 

At this age, your biggest wish was that your mom would bring you to play tennis. To be able to come to have fun, enjoy and bring your best game on court with the most competitive face. This sport was probably your world. Every time you stepped into the court you thought about becoming the next Novak Djokovic to become world champion.

But what changed? As you grow up as more mature you get and more realistic. You start to work harder, take things more seriously and the competition starts to get on your nerves. The more you achieve the closer you get to your goals. Suddenly there is a thin line between the love passion and joy for the sport and the nervousness, pressure, and expectations. The key to all tennis stars is to manage that thin line and be able to get the best from both sides, play for fun dealing with pressure, and achieve big things. The more progress, the more you learn, and the more your goals grow and, suddenly your goal becomes your ever first goal back to the beginnings to become a tennis professional and win every match at the US Open. It is all on you and what you are going to give on and of the court. So, how far are you willing to go this 2022 to achieve your new goals being the same you? 

This is dedicated to all the athletes who struggle to find the other side of the thin line of joy and passion, remember when you started you are the same person, the same athlete, and have the same heart. It is still you with different goals and higher objectives but keep in mind to grow to always do that extra step and let yourself enjoy as you did in your first moments. We want to wish all of our athletes and all of the athletes of the world out there that are either struggling or doing great things a great new happy new year and we hope all of their new year resolutions come true because their dedication and with our guidance of the ES team they will get far! 

Happy new year from the ES Family! 

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