Play-Based Learning, the funniest way to learn!


By ES International School BCN team

Each year, our elementary teachers take different professional development courses that keep them up to date with the philosophies and techniques of the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). IB training encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and continuous improvement as a teacher. It gives them access to innovative and diverse education frameworks, planning documents, teaching resources and evaluation tools that improve student learning.

First grade teacher, Mr. Matthews recently completed an IB course about the benefits of Play Based Learning. “It inspired me to explore some exciting ideas with the other elementary teachers in terms of how we can integrate more play-based and outdoor learning into our educational experiences,” explained Mr. Matthews.


Currently, the PYP unit of inquiry is ‘How We Express Ourselves’, which has been the perfect opportunity for elementary teachers to develop learning experiences with an emphasis on drama, dramatic play, music, creativity and the senses. Second and 3rd grade have been focusing on poetry, photography, film and architecture. They have designed and directed their own film, and also built their own smart skyscrapers inspired by and produced with materials from nature.

Fourth and 5th grade have explored expression through music and dance. They have engaged in voice lessons and the exploration of movement through a Tik Tok dance challenge. In addition to this, four students will work with Mr. Matthews to create a dramatic performance to present to the other elementary students.


We look forward to seeing more learning through play throughout the semester!


ES International School BCN team

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2 thoughts on “Play-Based Learning, the funniest way to learn!

  1. Great Emilio and great Sergio (?)!
    I hope you are all doing good in these difficult time.
    Good idea and I will let our daughter Shana follow you guys, because she wants to become a primary school teacher.
    Maybe she can integrate ….
    To-re Meinecke

    • Susana Zaragoza says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Tore. We really hope her journey with us will help her achieve her goals.

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