Start so good that they can not ignore you

The beginning is approaching and school is just around the corner. The school year means that summer is over. It’s time to start again, it’s time to say goodbye to the most desired season for many people. It’s back to normal, where the kids go back to school. Now it is time to start working on yourself and your path. It’s a start full of excitement and joy, which seems to come loaded with work and rewards. 

From the ES Academy, we are here to help you and all those student-athletes who will be part of the course during the 2022-2023 season. We are very excited about the students that follow and the new additions for this coming year. 

Start your new routine; the meeting with friends and new friendships, the daily training, learning new subjects, reading new books, and setting and achieving new goals. The combination between tennis and school is the essence of our players and that is why we want to be involved in their process of adaptation and guide them in the best possible way. We want them to feel at home, we want to be their second family.

This year we have a new goal, we know that these vacations, after two years of uncertainty, have charged energy, and… Why not channel it and focus it on new routines? On new paths? On new goals? From the ES Academy, we will help you and your student-athletes to use the energy you give off to face all those sports and school goals you set for yourselves.

We want the sport to be part of this energy. Therefore, we will take care of every detail of your tennis and professional career, we will try to make you become a better professional. We know that you are going to give your all, with your values and new focuses, and we will do our best to be by your side.

You will feel at home. During the day-to-day, our student-athletes have unique experiences that help them grow as an individual and as a person. 

Their schedule during their year is busy and rigorous, they start with their morning training, performing every day at their best. During those tennis hours, they get to have a mix of our unique tennis system where the athletes work on the court in a divided session with 30% drills, 30% life balls, and 30% competition leaving the 10% remaining up to the coach and the needs of the players. The court sessions that the athletes have are led by their tutors, each tutor has a group of an average of 7 athletes per coach. The ES coach who tutors each athlete is responsible for planning, developing, and reporting the performance and development of the players. During that planning stage, the coach will plan the practices according to the needs of the players, to develop the player’s strengths and tools for the player’s game. The tennis practices are twice a day, during the morning the athletes have 3 hours of tennis and play one more hour on some afternoons that they have tennis. Combined with tennis and working hand to hand are our other 2 fundamental pillars the mental and the physical pillar. Those 2 other fundamental pillars of the athlete are developed during their week in a series of sessions during their afternoon training. On the fitness side, athletes work on different exercises depending on which stage of the pyramid of development they are on. Different exercises and daily routines are planned by our fitness director fully experienced in junior to professional athletes. On the mental pillar which is key for our athletes, they get to work outside of the court on all of those important aspects that the athlete needs to be able to have a healthy, good, and successful sports career. 

Our student-athletes wouldn’t be student-athletes without the educational side. During their schedule of the day, our students have a separate time for their face-to-face classes in our own private school onsite. The school that starts in the middle grades is divided into periods of classes with A & B days creating a rotational system where students have different classes starting from core classes to specific grade educational lessons. During their school time, students have a low ratio of an average of 10 students per classroom where they can focus in a more individualistic way. 

Their academic performance depends on their work in the classroom. Inside the school, the students will learn values that will get them ready for their outside world. With their classes and academic performance, the students will be ready to enter their dream college or pursue any other passion they wish. 

It will be nine months of joy, excitement, new illusions, times of nerves, and lots of work, all surrounded by people and staff who will give everything to make you happy and eager to cross your path with the ES Family


Silvia Guitart & Tatiana Batalla

ES Marketing Department

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