In many of my conversations with players at any level, the mention of “pressure” appears: “I felt under too much pressure”, “The pressure meant I couldn’t move”, “I completely froze under the pressure, I didn’t know what I was doing any more” … These are some of the examples of the effect of pressure, which on top of everything, usually manifests itself at the worst times, when nobody asks for it.


diario de coach 2-PORTADA DEF

When summer arrives and the school year ends at ESIS – the Emilio Sanchez International School based in Florida – my role as a coach continues. Our student athletes at the Sanchez-Casal Academy, along with other players, can join our Traveling Team, a year round program in which we coach and accompany players to ITF tournaments in the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

Why will American players dominate the world tennis rankings soon?

This past January I prepared a chart for the International Coaches Institute, comparing US and Spanish tennis. Over the last 20 years, Spain has been the world’s leading country in tennis, not just in the number of top players but also prospective players to reach the top.

While I was working on the report I realized that something was changing. I was in San Francisco, sharing my views with a group of coaches, but they were quite skeptical about my explanation. The topic of my speech was the headline of this article.

Why Tennis?

Foto 1

My name is Jose Luis Soto Rojas, I am 24 years old and I have been playing tennis since I was old enough to hold a racquet in my hand without dropping it. Even though I call it a hate/love relationship, tennis has become a very important part of my life, which I personally consider a lifestyle rather than just a sport or a hobby.

Sport a Solidarieta, a prize to go on.

Premio Italia a ESV

I find myself in Italy, specifically, in Tuscany. The day before yesterday I was awarded the Fair Play Mecenate prize and appointed the initiative’s world ambassador, and yesterday, I was awarded the Solidarity in Sport prize for my work with the Emilio Sanchez Vicario Foundation. I was very nervous, but at the same time, completely delighted.

Andy Murray, “The confidence”.

Murray Wibledon 1

Confidence provides the ideal state for competing, and it allows us to confront difficult situations by using the right tools. Confidence lets us organize the tools so that we can overcome adversity and pressure.

21 Successful Habits for Overcoming Adversity


Competition is a component of our lives. Some people deal with competition better, while others really struggle. But even if you deal well with it, you must learn to manage with adversity and be able of overcome it. Work as hard as you can is the key of everything.

Loved Wimbledon day

if Ruyard kipling recortada

This Kipling quote aptly predicts the day’s result. Whoever had a ticket witnessed a magic tennis day. Federer is seen walking to the battle field, under Kipling’s watchful eye.

Wimbledon: Murray, my favourite

Murray 2

The Magic Wimbledon is here. We’ll enjoy with one of the most demanding tournament. Every player dreams to play well there. Murray is the Emilio Sánchez Vicario’s favourite player for this year. He’s going to be the one to beat.