The 4 pillars of the ASC 360 Tennis System©


The ASC 360 Tennis System© is unique in the world. Designed by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal, it is based on four core pillars of athletic development: technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Each of these four pillars is developed intensively and tailored to the player’s level, which will depend on age, physical condition and tennis level. The levels are reflected in the ASC Development Pyramid©, and range from the initiation stage to the elite stage.


The tennis program includes 3-4 hours of daily training, depending on the program. Players work on technical and tactical aspects of their game, as well as court mobility and positioning. The ASC 360 Tennis System© develops a player’s game using all areas of the court, concentrating on offense, defense and transitions. It focuses on drills to develop patterns of play, and it creates positive habits through lots of repetition, increasing the player’s ability to adjust to different styles of play.

Each player is assigned a coaching tutor, who is responsible for monitoring the development of that player. All ASC technical coaches have RPT and USPTA certifications.



The ASC 360 Tennis System© develops a player’s game using all areas of the court, concentrating on the defensive, offensive and transition areas. It emphasizes repetition of strokes through drills, controls and match play situations.

The system is comprised of a chain of drills and exercises that covers all areas and helps players develop patterns through repetition of predetermined plays. This repetition creates positive habits.  In addition to competition experience, ASC students practice match play situations to recognize the different patterns of their opponents, learning to devise their own patterns and develop personal court strategies.



ASC’s daily physical training (Monday to Friday) is comprised of 1-2 hours of athlete-specific performance training. ASC Athlete Body programs are designed for the tennis athlete; they work on all aspects of speed, power, agility, quickness, coordination, balance, core and recovery, with injury prevention in mind at all times.

ASC performance specialists design each session based on the level of each tennis athlete, keeping in mind the player’s need to prepare for key tournaments. Every player is assigned a physical training “tutor” who is responsible for monitoring his/her long-term athletic development.

Nutrition is a key factor within a player’s training regimen because it influences directly the performance/development of each athlete. The ASC Food & Beverage Department provides each player with the opportunity to develop healthy nutritional habits.

The ASC Nutritional Guide teaches athletes the importance of a complete nutrition and hydration plan.  Each plate is prepared with the appropriate amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat. ASC also provides a complete salad bar, vegetables, fruits, and a daily soup. Students are encouraged to make nutritional choices that will ensure their performance remains high.

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MENTAL PILLAR – The Athlete Mind System

Sport Psychologists handle all the mind components of the ASC training program: “ASC Athlete Mind System”. They work daily with players on court, supervising the mental goals set for that specific period.

The ultimate objective is to provide all players with the tools, strategies and techniques to make them mentally tougher, on and off the court. Key focus areas include: concentration, activation level, stress control and confidence.

A key tool in the Athlete Mind System is the ASC diary, compiled by each player and his/her coach. It enables the player and coach to set goals and track progress via regular evaluations.


ASC also delivers mental training off court and emphasizes integrated communication between the tennis coaches and the school teachers to help coordinate the development of its students-athletes and maximize their opportunities for success.

In summary, the primary goal is to create the best motivational climate possible, and provide the right mental tools to help all ASC players be the best they can be, both in tennis and in life.

ASC 360 tennis system

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