Covid made our ASC family stronger

By Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Founder and CEO of Academia Sánchez-Casal

2020 is proving to be a strange, very strange year. What started as a new disease in a city in a small part of the world, ended up being a global pandemic. Little by little, we saw how countries were closing their borders, how citizens were staying at home. We also closed: first the academy in China, then one in Barcelona, and finally both in the USA.

Yes, that was all, and still is, very strange… but not everything has been negative. We have been living new situations since January, facing uncertainty, fighting against our fears. In short, we have had to face one of the most difficult matches. And we are still doing it.

It is October. It has been months since we opened our academies again and we are living in a new “normality”. I look back and reflect and see many things that make me be optimistic: I see effort, I see discipline, I see bonds of friendship that have been strengthened. I see that we have imposed ourselves to continue working, to adapt to the new situation, to reinvent ourselves, to rigorously fulfill the new needs, to watch over each other as members of the same family.

We have wanted to reflect some of the things that we went through together at Sánchez-Casal: players, coaches, teachers, parents, all together. Our feelings and reactions collected in two videos that we want to share with you. Today we present you the first of them.

However, we know that this game is not over yet. We do not know if we are in the first set, in the second… We don’t know if we will go to the Tie Break. But, we are here, playing point to point, like the tennis players we are. And we’re going to keep playing. Because life, like tennis, is like that.

Emilio Sánchez Vicario Founder and CEO of Academia Sánchez-Casal

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