“This summer wears tennis”

There are many studies that indicate that summer makes us happy, so why not spend it with the ES Academy?   

If you have had the opportunity to go to a Summer Camp, you will agree with us that it is an unforgettable experience that everyone should live.After a long school year, leaving home and living for a few days, or even weeks, with new people, allows children and / or teenagers to change their routine, and thus, get to enjoy while learning, in this case, a world full of tennis and many other activities. We want your children to feel at home during this summer experience. Our staff is attentive to your children during their stay, not only during their training, but also during their personal development.


ES Summer Camp gives athletes the opportunity to integrate into a group different from the one they are used to living with, helping them to grow personally and professionally.  Traveling and changing their environment will allow your children to learn about other cultures and immerse themselves in a new world of friendships, meeting and living with their new teammates.


Our Summer Camp programs are designed for players from all over the world between the ages of 4 and 23. The Emilio Sanchez system allows players of all levels to enjoy high performance training, regardless of whether they sign up for a basic or advanced level. This system is based on four fundamental pillars that are developed throughout the program; technical, tactical, physical and mental.  Designed with the purpose of combining tennis training, language studies and leisure and recreational activities that will allow them to enjoy an unforgettable summer.  Recreational activities are organized during the weeks of the summer program to allow athletes to relax and fully enjoy their stay at the Academy. They allow them to discover the local environment, the beaches, and the beautiful city that surrounds them.


ES Academy offers a safe, secure and peaceful environment. Your children will be in good hands. We are always looking for the safety and well being of the players. Our main objective is to focus on transmitting and involving our students in our core values of Respect, Effort and Discipline.

Come and enjoy a Summer Camp like never before, improve your tennis and have fun during your stay with us.   

Tatiana Batalla & Sílvia Guitart

ES Marketing Department

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