By Eva Pascual, Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy.

Summer is for competing: at Academia Sánchez-Casal, we know this really well. Competing is the best way to progress in your tennis game. Competition is where you implement everything you’ve learned and where you check if you are able to apply the learning to the game. Summer is also the best time to travel for tournaments.

When the academic year is over and school is done, you can turn all your attention, almost exclusively, to tennis. You are able to travel for weeks on end and live the “on tour” experience, traveling with colleagues and developing your affective and social skills as the weeks and tournaments progress.


We call our small groups of players and coaches “Traveling Teams” when they go on tour and participate in national and international tournaments. For a few weeks, the Travelling Team members become a very close family who travel together, live experiences together, learn, and grow. Our coaches accompany the players at all times, guiding and assisting them in everything tennis and also in everything not-tennis. Together, everyone lives truly memorable experiences.

Until now, only our annual players were able to join the Traveling Teams, but we are opening our teams to you in order to share the ASC experience with players from outside the Academy. Would you like to live the same experience with us? Sometimes, a summer on tour can motivate a player to follow an intensive tennis program, and combine it with their studies. In our opinion, combining tennis and school is an indispensable condition for the right training method.


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We know that joining an intensive tennis and school program is an important and difficult step, both for the players and their parents. However, participating in our COMPETITIVE SUMMER CAMP will help you see if you want to continue pushing yourself further, learning every day and improving every day, in order to take your tennis to its highest level. No matter what you decide to do after a summer with us, it is clear that training, traveling and competing like a real professional tennis player will be an unforgettable life experience that you can achieve this very summer.

competitive summer

Eva Pascual
Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy


  1. Marwan elkassas says:

    Hi, can I have details, age accepted, level of tennis players, duration of traveling, course of tournament at which countries and the level, how many matches expected to play, is there training between matches or if the player is out of the tournament, how he will spend the time

    • Eva Pascual says:

      Thank you for your interest! The Academy Director, Stefan Ortega, will contact you by email to answer your questions. Best regards!

  2. Abigail Rivera says:

    I am interested in playing in small groups and have classes for a week’s stay. I am an intermediate female senior player. I want to travel through Spain but first spend some time getting training and playing in small groups.. I would want more than 2 hours a day

    • Susana Zaragoza says:

      Hello Abigail yes I will send you our admissions department from Barcelona so she can send you the information that best suits what you are looking for. Her email is she will help you find the classes for you and give you the registration form. Thank You!

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