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Our student-athlete Zayyan V. in Les Petit As

Our student-athlete Zayyan V. in Les Petit As

23 January 2023

Zayyan Virani, student-athlete at the Emilio Sánchez Academy & American School (Barcelona), has participated for the first time in Les Petit As.

This prestigious international tournament is for young promises in France (Under 14).

Zayan entered the final draw directly, where he was defeated 6-4 / 6-4 by K.Andersch.

This means a great experience for Zayan and the Emilio Sánchez Academy Travelling Team, which included coach Andres Garriga, who was attending this international competition for the third time.

Zayyan and his brother Raqueem (from Nairobi) joined our headquarters in Barcelona in 2021. They played local, national, international tournaments and this opportunity Zayyan had the chance to experience Les Petit As.

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