Our Identity

We have a highest mission:
Create opportunities

At the Emilio Sánchez Academy our Mission is creating opportunities in tennis, in education, and in life.

We focus on teaching and harnessing our core values of respect, effort and discipline. We want to develop successful young people in all aspects of life, living in a family and thriving community.

Our academy graduates go to Harvard, they go to Duke, they go to Columbia… but they also go to Wimbledon. Emilio Sánchez Vicario

We are Family

Here at ES Academy we are a family. We want our student-athletes to feel at home: accompanied, loved, and guided. The key to making our students feel at home comes from the involvement of the staff, the coordination amongst coaches, teachers and staff, and the willingness to listen, understand and attend to our students needs. We are proud that thousands of families have trusted us and let us participate in the development of their children both as tennis players and, above all, as individuals.

Our Values:
Respect, Effort, Discipline

Respect is understanding, tolerance, and consideration. Respect, in particular, is the basis of healthy coexistence and at ES Academy we want it to permeate all of our relationships. Whether this be with family, colleagues and friends, coaches, teachers and staff in general, with rivals on the court, the material we use, with ourselves and, of course, with our environment.

Effort is work, it is fighting for what you want. Effort is a friend of discipline, perseverance, and of resilience. It is getting up every day, overcoming laziness, fatigue, and pain. It’s to smile in the face of difficulties and mature. Only what is earned through effort and discipline is worth it.

We have a Vision:
Build Character

We could easily talk about being proud of results, success, titles, or top players, but our biggest joy comes when we realize that we didn’t only build tennis champions, but that we are also great in technical training, that we have developed a unique teaching system, that we know how to coach, and we have experts in physical and mental training. However, where we are really better is in maintaining our values. We are respectful, we all work really hard, and approach the immense jobs ahead of us with a discipline that is non-negotiable. Therefore, our biggest asset is that we build Character.

Challenging curriculum at our own school

ES Academy was created with the aim of offering the best education in perfect coordination with the best tennis training. Having the school and the tennis courts together, on the same campus, was an essential requirement. And the total and absolute coordination of the academic and sports tutors of the student-athlete was an indispensable condition as well.

With this premises, since 1999, ES American School has been offering, inside ES Academy campus, an outstanding global education for all of our international students. Our constant endeavor is to empower students to be lifelong learners and to excel as challenging, critical thinkers in a culturally diverse, ever-changing society, through a commitment to total quality, ethics, encouragement of risk-taking, and celebration of success.

ES American School offers an independent, coeducational, American Elementary, Middle and High School program for students from the American first through twelfth grades and we are a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) and are pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

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Our own premier training system

At Emilio Sánchez Academy, we have created our own premier training system, proven time and time again to be the most effective method of ensuring students-athletes achieve their best tennis level: the ES Academy 360 Tennis System.

The Emilio Sánchez Academy system combines the four theoretical pillars of athletic development – technical, tactical, physical (Athlete Body), and mental (Athlete Mind) with the sole objective of pushing players to achieve their top performance and help them reach their ideal competitive state.

This successful system has been used by professional ATP tennis players such as Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Monaco, and WTA players such as Svetlana Kuznetsova, Daniela Hantuchova, and Tamira Paszek. But, the system has also enabled our students to obtain athletic and academic scholarships at universities across the United States.

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