College Planning and Placement

Opportunities today and tomorrow

The ES Academy & American School College Planning & Placement works with student-athletes and families to create an individualized roadmap for studying and playing tennis at the appropriate collegiate level.

This work begins when a student enters high school (grade 9) and incorporates families and coaches, as well as university admissions and athletic staff, within an integrated game plan.

The ES American School college planning and placement program guides all parents and students through every step of the college selection, application and admission process.

Know how and results

95% ES Academy graduates have gone on to play collegiate tennis. 83% ES Academy graduates have received collegiate financial scholarship assistance

Main features of the program

  • Development of a clear, long-term game plan for the recruiting process.
  • A calendar of major guidelines for recruiting, financial aid, academic testing and admissions.
  • Workshops on the college recruiting process.
  • SAT guidance starting with the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT NMSQT.
  • A dedicated SAT preparation program in 11th grade and the Fall of 12th grade.
  • Individual, honest assessments of the student-athlete’s academic and tennis abilities.
  • Assistance with college searches for “best fit” schools based on academics and tennis.
  • Personal assistance with applications and essays.
  • Professional video of game play for sending to college coaches.
  • Guidance with NCAA & NAIA eligibility.
  • Creation of contacts with college coaches.
  • Support with student visas and university registration.
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