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Emilio Sánchez Academy Junior Cup by Winsports circuit in Japan.

Emilio Sánchez Academy Junior Cup by Winsports circuit in Japan.

13 June 2023

The Masters of the Emilio Sanchez Academy Cup in Japan, has been held at the emblematic Grass Court Saga Club.

24 participants, from sub 12 and sub 14 categories, who had qualified in the five tests previously held in Okinawa, Iwate, Kyoto, Gunma and Kagawa.

With this competition, in the form of a circuit, Emilio Sánchez Academy together with the company Win consolidates its presence in Japan with the intention of collaborating in this country in detecting the best talents for the future.

The winners of this circuit will participate in the next Tennis Europe Tournament to be held in August at the ES headquarters in Barcelona and will enjoy a week of training with the Academy players.

The goal for next year is to continue growing in the number of tests and to consolidate the relationship with the Win company.

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