Weekend Shot Development


From Friday evening to Sunday, available from September to June


from 8 to 23

Tennis Program

8 h.

Physical program

2 h.


2 players / 1 court

An intensive program to achieve great results without missing school

Are you thinking about attending an intensive tennis program but don’t want to miss a school week? At Emilio Sánchez Academy, we offer you the ideal program: the Weekend Shot Development.

The Weekend Shot Development is designed for those players who want to improve some specific points in their game without missing a whole week of school.

I want to know more about the program

Advantages of the program

  • The essence of the ES Academy weekly program is concentrated in two days and a half of intense training, from Friday afternoon to Sunday.
  • Train with the ES Academy Training System©, unique in the world, designed for players to practice and enhance any game pattern.
  • Improve the players' technical skills and fitness by implementing strategic practices.

More Advantages of the program

  • We offer a safe, secure, and peaceful setting. The Academy is located within a gated facility with 24-hour supervision.
  • A team of supervisors care for our students: The supervisors live on campus and are responsible for the safety and welfare of the players.
  • Accommodation is adapted to the needs of each player: players can live on-campus, either in the residence, or in the bungalows.
  • Good health insurance and physiotherapy services: The program registration includes premium health insurance from Mapfre. This policy includes coverage for illness, as well as for injuries. Also, our Physiotherapy Department is available to the players if they need it.
  • Transfers are included in the boarding programs. UM service is available on demand.
    Other services: laundry (included in the boarding programs), banking service and pro-shop
  • And the opportunity to train on court with Emilio Sánchez Vicario (Naples).

What will I do?

  • We analyze your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • We perform specific exercises to improve your weaknesses and boost your strengths.
  • We simulate game situations with tactical exercises to improve your game pattern.
  • We train on every kind of surface (clay, hard, grass).

ES Academy Training System©

The ES Academy Training System© is unique in the world. Designed by Emilio Sánchez Vicario, it is based on four core pillars: technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Each of these four pillars is developed intensively, and each is tailored to the player’s stage, which depends on age, physical condition and tennis level. The stages are reflected in the ES Academy Development Pyramid©, and range from the initiation stage to the elite stage.

In the area of sports science, the program includes all services on site that the player may need, such as physical training, nutrition, sports psychology, and physiotherapy.

The ES Academy Training System© includes the ES Academy Athlete Mind System: an on-court and off-court mental coaching system with the mental and tennis coaches working together.

What will you learn?

The developmental pyramid of the Emilio Sánchez Academy Players

Based on the ES Academy Training System© used in our Academies, Emilio Sánchez Vicario has created a pyramid to describe the evolution of players as they progress for their athletic development, by age and level of play.

Each stage of this evolution has its own general and specific objectives for each pillar of training (technical, tactical, physical and mental).

Click on the links below for further information about each stage of the pyramid.

Initiation 8-9 years old Pre-formation 10-11 years old Formation 12-13 years old Pre-advanced 14-15 years old Advanced 16-17 years old Pre-transition 18-19 years old Transition 20-21 years old


quadruple room double room
Weekly program 620 € 783 €
Price per week. Consult for other options. Taxes included


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