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#stories Life is all about chances and opportunities

#stories Life is all about chances and opportunities

28 October 2021

The Emilio Sánchez Academy, is the place for chances and opportunities.

Last Emilio Sánchez Academy Challenger was the tournament of the opportunities. Indeed, four Emilio Sánchez Academy players had the chance of an awesome experience: in competition and also training with international players with a long history.

"I want to thank Emilio Sánchez and Emilio Sánchez Academy for this opportunity. It is very special to play a tournament like this at home, with players who have an incredible career. I realize aspects that I have to improve in my game, it is a lesson and a experience being able to train ", highlighted Alejandro Moro, after his match against the Slovakian Alex Molcan, seeded 2.

A few words, and above all, feelings shared by Marcel Sudzum, who played in the first qualifying round and Bekhan Atlangariev, who won in the first qualifying, reaching the second round and Andreas Chapides who was hitting partner of first seeded, Hugo Gastón.

They also had their chance in the doubles ... In picture: The doubles main draw had an emotional moment. Alumni Tymur Gabasvili, versus a joung promising tennis player, Alejandro Moro. Also Marcel Sudzum was hitting partner of his former teammate, Nicola Khun. Tennis is about nice stories. 

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