Summer camps

U12 Summer Camp

Summer Intensive



Available on weekly basis from the last week of June until the first week of September, both included.


From 8 to 12

Tennis Program

15.5h. /week.

Physical program

10.5h. / week

360 Young Sessions

1 h. / day (Mo to Thu). Master Class, Mental Class, Fitness Class and Tactical Analysis

Language classes

7,5 h. / week

Leisure activities

7.5h. / week (Week Boarding)


2 players / court


At least 3 matches per week

Push Program*


One to one 4h. / week

The ideal tennis program for players of 12 years old and under

Our U12 Summer Camp is designed for students from around the world from 8 to 12 years of age. Our program allows young tennis players to enjoy the summer by combining high performance tennis training with language studies and fun leisure and entertainment activities. All that, with the care and monitoring that a child of 12 years old and under needs.

Special for U12 Players

  • The U12 Summer Camp adapts the prestigious ES Academy 360 Tennis System© to the specific characteristics and needs of the younger players in all its pillars: Besides of the 3 hours of tennis training per day, U12 players have 4 hours of 360 Young Sessions every week, a special of 360 Young Players Sessions, a special approach to the 4 pillars of the ES Academy 360 Tennis System (technical, tactical, physical and mental).
  • Learning and training through games to enjoy the tennis and learn sports values, without losing the rigor to achieve the improvement of the technique and advance in the tactical aspects of the game.
  • Players distributed in exclusive U12 groups, who do not mix in the daily work with groups of older players
  • From the complete team:
    • 1 physical coach per 8 campers
    • 1 tennis coach per 4 players
    • Supervision and monitoring 24/7
    • Presence check before each activity

I want to know more about the program

More advantages of the program

  • We offer a safe, secure, and peaceful setting. The Academy is located within a gated facility with 24-hour supervision.
  • A team of supervisors care for our students: The supervisors live on campus and are responsible for the safety and welfare of the players.
  • Accommodation is adapted to the needs of each player: players can live on-campus at the residence. A head supervisor is responsible for the accommodation area, together with the supervisor team.
  • Good health insurance and physiotherapy services: The Summer camp registration includes premium health insurance from Mapfre. This policy includes coverage for illness, as well as for injuries. Also, our Physiotherapy Department is available to the players if they need it.
  • Transfers are included in the boarding programs. UM service is available on demand. Other services: laundry (included in the boarding programs), banking service and pro-shop.
  • And the opportunity to train on court with Emilio Sánchez Vicario (Naples).

The best Summer Leisure Activities

  • Various activities are organized during the weeks to allow for relaxation and full enjoyment of your stay at Emilio Sánchez Academy.
  • Salidas especiales los sábados por la tarde: para descubrir el entorno de la Academia, sus playas y la ciudad de Barcelona. Una de las salidas favoritas es la visita a las instalaciones del Camp Nou del FCBarcelona.
  • Weekend excursions: For those who stay for more than one week, the weekend excursions include visits to local tourist attractions, emblematic amusements parks such as Port Aventura (Tarragona), and shopping trips.

Weekly Tournaments

  • Players have the opportunity to play national tournaments that are held within the facilities of the Academy, or within a radius of 20 km, accompanied by our coaches. To register, a minimum stay of two weeks is required.
  • It is worth mentioning that the Academy hosts some Tennis Europe Tournaments during the summer months.

ES Academy Training System

  • The ES Academy Training System© is unique in the world. Designed by Emilio Sánchez Vicario, it is based on four core pillars: technical, tactical, physical and mental.
  • Each of these four pillars is developed intensively, and each is tailored to the player’s stage, which depends on age, physical condition and tennis level. The stages are reflected in the ES Academy Development Pyramid©, and range from the initiation stage to the elite stage.
  • In the area of sports science, the program includes all services on site that the player may need, such as physical training, nutrition, sports psychology, and physiotherapy.

Language program

  • Students can choose their preferred foreign language: Spanish or English or French. These classes are offered by native teachers at ES American School, a private American school located on campus, and which is fully accredited by official bodies both the US and Spain.
  • Elementary to advanced levels of classes are offered.
  • Class groups organized by level and age.

Push program

Players can boost their tennis level even further with the Push Program.

  • The Push Program can be integrated within the Summer Camp Program and includes one hour a day, Monday through Thursday, of private tennis training. This allows student-athletes to work intensively on the technical and tactical side of the game.
  • Two hours per week of physical training are provided in a group of maximum 4 players.
  • One session of Mental Training is offered in a separate group of 1 to 4 players.

What will you learn?

The developmental pyramid of the Emilio Sánchez Academy Players

Based on the ES Academy Training System© used in our Academies, Emilio Sánchez Vicario has created a pyramid to describe the evolution of players as they progress for their athletic development, by age and level of play.

Each stage of this evolution has its own general and specific objectives for each pillar of training (technical, tactical, physical and mental).

Click on the links below for further information about each stage of the pyramid.

Pre-initiation8-9 years old Initiation10-12 years old


quadruple room double room
U12 Summer Camp 1.530 € 2.020 € 2.115 €
U12 Summer Camp PUSH 1.920 € 2.410 € 2.505 €
Price per week. Consult for other options. Taxes included


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