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Graduation Ceremony. Class of 2020 honored for achievement and record of 23 graduates.

Graduation Ceremony.  Class of 2020 honored for achievement and record of 23 graduates.

23 June 2020

The ES International School and Sánchez-Casal Academy (Barcelona) Graduation Ceremony this 2020, has had several aspects that have turned it into a really special and emotional event.

On one hand, the record of graduates in a promotion, with a total of 23, which is an important number considering that the Academy recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

On the other hand, this 2020 has been marked by the global pandemic situation, for which all the staff and students have made an important effort, showing the ASC values, such as, of overcoming, effort to achieve it.

All this, has made that the graduation Friday, June 19th in the Sánchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona fulfilled all the security measures, and to those present, many other students and families joined virtually also this special day.

The father of the Egyptian brothers Tamer Al-Ramlawi could not contain the excitement of following the ceremony online, and see how his two sons, Adham and Yaseen, graduated fulfilling their happiness, playing tennis and completing their studies.

While Xavi Gambara from Spain, who was unable to attend due to travel restrictions, also experienced it online, and with a simple message: 'I am so excited, and happy, that I can only thank everyone, and my colleagues especially, who are at the Academy today ”

As Emilio Sánchez Vicario, co-founder of the Academy, from the headquarters of ASC Florida has highlighted: “It is a day to thank, thank everyone for this year, and also emphasize that you are a very special promotion, and also the number, 23 graduates.. you are making history today ”.

The Venezuelan Irene Agustí Mazza, Valedictorian 2020, said that she was very excited and together with her mother, both declared, that “it is an authentic dream come true. Achieving college with a scholarship is a dream. '

Meanwhile, the American Athena Yilmaz, has shown her enthusiasm, summarizing the feelings of all the classmates, dedicating a few words for the class of 2020: “I am really very excited, it is a very special feeling, and I am proud to have graduated with all these colleagues, we are a family”.


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