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#stories Alumni gathered for the wedding of one of them

#stories Alumni gathered for the wedding of one of them

21 November 2022

2010.Mike, Imogen, Vova (coach), Lawrence, Timothy, Edward met at the Academy (Emilio Sánchez Academy, Barcelona) more than a decade ago.

➡️These student-athletes and coach became friends.

➡️This 2022, these alumni have gathered for the wedding of one of them (Timothy).

Was a great time to share memories about Emilio Sánchez Academy:


“The Academy teaches you so much, but it gifts you with the most valued friendships you'll ever have – it´s always amazing to catch up with your friends all over the world and relive the good old times! If the Academy had a legacy it would be this: there has never been a Emilio Sánchez Academy wedding that hasn't had at least 1 other alumni attending - trust me!"


"Friends for life! It’s been close to or more than a decade since some of us have seen each other but the connections made in Barcelona have been some of the most meaningful and impactful ones I’ve ever made ❤️"


"What a privilege it is to have Emilio Sánchez Academy as a home away from home! No matter your location in the world you’re probably not too far away from a fellow alumni who you can share drinks, memories and laughs with. And, on occasion, you might even squeeze in beating your old tennis coach vova at a little dobles ejercicio!

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