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Come to our ICI Coaching courses and get certified by our unique Spanish tennis teaching system. Spring edition or Winter edition.

Join us, and get certified for an internship growing with us on and off the court. All year round.

Become a tennis mentor and tutor for our full-time athletes and get certified by our ES Academy coaching system. All year round.

ICI-ES Academy

One-week courses to prepare coaches to teach at all levels of the pyramid of development and to teach athletes following the es academy spanish tennis system.

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ES Academy

Connect with players from around the world during our tennis season. Teach the players on and off the court, and prepare them for competitions.

ES Academy

Be a leader of 6-7 students, develop sessions that will help their growth, organize a complementary schedule for the year, and work with the team to mentor the group of student-athletes.

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Coaches programs benefits

  • Learn how to improve your players’ abilities, working across the 4 pillars of the system: technical, tactical, physical, and mental.
  • You can choose the program that best suits your needs: Weekly, Monthly, or the practical Summer Exchange Program.
  • You will receive a copy of the comprehensive Academy Coaching Manual, created by our world-renowned technical staff.
  • After demonstrating 150 hours of practical experience and successful completion of the exams, the Academia awards the following diplomas: Coach Emilio Sánchez Academy or Assistant-Coach Emilio Sánchez Academy, both accredited by the European Registry of Tennis Professionals and the International Coaches Institute.
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